Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Interview Questions with Answers Part – 03

We got some good response for the previous articles of refrigeration and air conditioning . So a stream of  articles relating to refrigeration and air conditioning interview questions will be published for some time. If you haven’t tried the previous articles then have a look at the following links :

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Interview Questions with Answers

Lets begin the interview question with answers for refrigeration and air conditioning . In this article we will discuss refrigeration questions from the very basic level. And in the upcoming articles we will discuss about the more critical questions.

 Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditiong

  • What is the basic difference between air conditioning and refrigeration ?

Answer : Refrigeration solely deals with cooling . One of the major applications of the air conditioning is cooling but it also involves the artificial tampering of the natural conditions. In air conditioning the cooling is coupled with heating. It also takes care of circulation of the air, purity of the cooled air and also humidity of the controlled space. Refrigeration and air conditioning are interrelated.

  • What are applications of the refrigeration ?

Answer: Ice making, Preservation and transportation of the perishables, Industrial Purposes, Air conditioning.

  • Show the classification of air-conditioning systems .

Answer : air-conditioning systems are classified on the basis of 3 major points

a. Major functions : It involves  1.  Biddeford comfort air condition systems and 2. Handiā Industrial Air conditioning

b. Season of the year : 1. Winter air-conditioning  2. Summer air-conditioning  3. Year round air-conditioning

c. Equipment arrangement : 1. Unitary Systems 2. Central Systems

  • What are applications of air-conditioning systems ?

Answer : Air conditioning application involves human comfort. Summer air conditioning is very popular in offices and large industries.

Basic Principles of Refrigeration and Air conditioning

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  • Give example of a system having two phases .

Answer: A system involving water and  water vapour.

  • Show the change of state by the help of a figure / Show temperature versus enthalpy diagram for water at various states/ Show the phase transition of water.

Answer: phase change diagram for water

  • Differences between heat pump and refrigerator .  Show with figures.

Answer:  Heat pump and refrigerator are the same devices but different names are implied for their applications. Heat pump is used for heating and refrigerator is used for cooling. In this diagram heat pump and refrigerator is shown for vapor compression cycle.

refrigerator versus heat pump

  •  What is the theoretical basis of all practical refrigeration systems ?

Answer: Reversed Carnot Cycle.

  •  What are the limitations of the Reversed Carnot Cycle ?

Answer: The efficiency of the reversed Carnot cycle is the highest among the cycles operating between two given temperatures. This happens because all the processes in reversed Carnot cycle are considered reversible which is impossible to attain in actual case. And thus reversed Carnot cycle is not useful for practical application.

  • Write down the processes involve in reversed Carnot Cycle .

Answer:  For the T-s diagram look at question 11.

1-2 Isentropic or adiabatic Compression

2-3 Isothermal Heat Rejection which happens in condenser

3-4 Isentropic expansion (Produces refrigeration effect)

4-1 Isolthermal Addition of Heat

  • Show the T-s Diagram of Reversed Carnot Cycle.

Answer: t-s-diagram-for-reversed-carnot-cycle

  • What is the index of performance of a refrigeration cyle called ?

Answer:  Co-efficient of Performance , COP

  •  What is practical refrigeration cycle ?

Answer: Reversed Rankin Cycle.

  •  Show the differences between theoretical and practical refrigeration cycle or Show the differences between reversed Carnot and reversed rankin cycle or explain Vapor compression Refrigeration Cycle with subcooling and superheating .

Answer : Follow this link for the answer of the above questions.

Refrigeration Cycle with Sub-cooling and Superheating Explained 

  • What are the differences between vapor compression and vapor absorption Cycles ?

Answer : Differences between VC and VA Cycles

  • Describe the working principle of VARS.

Answer: For a complete knowledge about Vapor absorption Refrigeration Cycle follow the link.

On the next article we will discuss about the multi-pressure vapor compression Cycle, Heat Pumps and Cascade Refrigeration Cycle in details. Till then take care. Don’t forget to comment and share.

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