Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions part – 8

http://www.jeanjacquesmontlahuc.fr/2983-dtgf59925-lieux-de-rencontre-gay-toulon.html Welcome to the 8th ! Part of the Mechanical Engineering Questions . These Questions are useful for mechanical objective and written exams. If you are to be appeared to be in viva-voce  for mechanical engineering profession then go through all the links provided in this article. Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Part 01  [...]

Heat Transfer

What is Lower Calorific Value and Higher Calorific Value

http://formspa.it/4786-dtit50281-incontri-civitavecchia.html Mainly two types of calorific values are there – Higher Calorific Value and Lower Calorific Value . Higher Calorific Value (HCV) or Higher Heating Value (HHV) or Gross Calorific Value: When 1 kg of a fuel is burnt, the heat obtained by the complete combustion after the products of the combustion are cooled down to room temperature [...]


Types of Lathe Machines

In this article we will discuss about the different types of lathe machines. The four main types of lathes are Speed Lathes Engine Lathes Tool Room Lathes and Turret Lathes So let’s start . Speed Lathes  It is very simple is design. It only has headstock, tailstock and a very simple tool post. It can operate in 3-4 speeds. The [...]