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How does Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Work

Different innovative heat exchangers are designed according to application. Various types of hardware arrangements and configurations are needed for the heat transfer equipment. Equipment are needed to be designed to match the hardware with the requirements.

The double heat exchanger is the one which uses two concentric pipes of different diameter. It is the most simple type of heat exchanger. In this type , one fluid flows through the small pipe and the other fluid flows through the annular space. In double pipe heat exchanger two types of flow is possible – parallel flow and counter flow. In parallel flow both the cold and hot fluid flows in the same direction. In counter flow the fluid flow in the opposite direction.

Plate and frame heat exchanger or usually known as plate heat exchanger is an innovative design . These Heat Exchangers are used widely these days. It has a series of plates having corrugated flat flowing passage. Alternate passages are used for hot and cold fluid flow. So each cold one cold fluid stream is surround by two hot fluid streams. As a result very effective heat transfer  takes place. Heat transfer rate can be increased according to the demand by simply adding more plates. Plate heat exchangers are suitable for liquid to liquid heat transfer when the both the fluid are in same pressure condition.

plate and frame heat exchanger

Here’s a video about how plate and frame heat exchanger work .

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