Different Parts of CNC Lathe Machine

The control and movement of the lathe machines can be done with the help of computers. The function of the lathe machine actuated by the Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) is known as CNC lathe. Have a look at the figure for a clear idea –

Different Parts of CNC Lathe Machine

CNC Lathe Machine Parts

canny Vice: Vice is actually like a clamp which holds the job. At the time of machining the material must be held tightly otherwise it will shake or vibrate and can fly out which can cause serious damage. So the main function of the vice is to hold the material in the perfect position for cutting and shaping. Guard: The guard provides protection to the CNC machine operator. The guide keeps the dangerous areas enclosed with some kind of barrier. Dangerous area means the spaces from where chips can be shoot and head towards the machine operator.

Bab Ezzouar Chuck: This part holds the material that is needed to be shaped or cut. Materials should be fastened to the chuck with care otherwise the material can fly out of the chuck causing damage. Sometimes chucks are used to hold the cutting tool.

buy Lyrica from canada Motor: The motor is the main mover in the CNC lathe. This devise rotates the chuck of the CNC.

Lathe Bed:  It is the base of the lathe machine. Usually CNC machines use special foundation for making the machine stationary so that the lathe bed doesn’t move or vibrate.

Cutting Tool:  Very high quality steel is used to make the cutting tools. Different types of cutting tools are used to shape the material.

Advantages of CNC Lathe

  • CNC machines have the capacity to maintain the precision to a highest level. That’s why CNC lathes are super useful for manufacturing bulk amount of products in less time with greater perfection.
  • The process involved in CNC lathe machine operation is so simple. Any CAD file involving the design with the proper format can be used as an input. Rest of the work will be done by the machine itself. But proper cutting tools are always needed to be available.
  • For working in repeated hours, CNC lathe is the most efficient mean. To tackle the situation of continuous bulk production throughout the year , CNC lathe is the best option.
  • Basic drawing and programming skills will be enough to run the machine.
  • Best CNC lathes like AMADA or any other big company can enhance the productivity to a great deal.
  • SolidWorks, AutoCAD any other software as well as built in machine software can be used to produce design input.
  •  Less man power is required for maintenance and machine operations.

Disadvantages of CNC Lathe Machines

  • Owing the fact that more and more CNC lathes are being used these days, there is a saturation in the job field for the manual lathe operators.
  • These machines’ initial running and foundation making cost is high.

Even though there are some disadvantages of CNC lathes, it cannot outweigh the huge advantage it gives. So for a better manufacturing company CNC lathes are must. It can produce high quality products in a short time.


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