Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Constant Force Springs Design and Applications Constant force spring, as the name implies, is used to refer a spring that experience and exhibits near-constant force over its range of motion. The concept behind constant force springs stems from metal strips that have undergone a series of changes. Which in return create tension in the metal strips, enabling them to execute that [...]


Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Part-12 (Mechanics and Machines) Here is another part of mechanical engineering interview questions with answers. This part is arranged with some simple basic questions of mechanics and machine elements. If you have missed the previous parts then check the links below;). Enjoy !! 50 + Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions !!  What is the Kutzbach equation? Answer: [...]


Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Part 11 Hello, fellow mechanical engineers !! This is the 11th part of Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions. Thank you for being with us in the last 10 parts !! I hope you guys will enjoy this part also. So let’s begin – Here is a gift for you mechanical engineering students : 50 + Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions !! [...]