What is Draft Tube ? Describe its Functions and Classifications

http://caffeinebloom.com/81739-kenacort-injection-price.html In hydraulic turbines, the component draft tube is very significant. In impulse turbines, the flow energy of the fluid is converted to kinetic energy by means of the nozzle. In  Reaction Turbines, part of the flow energy is converted to K.E but remaining energy is still the pressure energy. Draft tubes are used in Reaction turbines to [...]


Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions Part-12 (Mechanics and Machines)

https://www.shihtzu.de/74289-dte45002-how-to-pick-the-best-online-dating.html Here is another part of mechanical engineering interview questions with answers. This part is arranged with some simple basic questions of mechanics and machine elements. If you have missed the previous parts then check the links below;). Enjoy !! 50 + Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions !!  What is the Kutzbach equation? Answer: [...]