Advanced Mechanical Engineering

Functions of CNC Milling Machine Parts and Components Explained CNC Milling Machine has the following main parts Axes, Table, Spindle, Frame, CNC controllers and some Accessories which include coolant, lubrication systems, powered drawbar, enclosures and the fourth axis. We will be discussing all the items in details. Complete CNC Milling Machine Parts Frame Frame lies above the ground or foundation [...]


What is Draft Tube ? Describe its Functions and Classifications*/event-burn-out-and-self-care-week?unapproved=5500 In hydraulic turbines, the component draft tube is very significant. In impulse turbines, the flow energy of the fluid is converted to kinetic energy by means of the nozzle. In  Reaction Turbines, part of the flow energy is converted to K.E but remaining energy is still the pressure energy. Draft tubes are used in Reaction turbines to [...]