What are the Best Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs

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After getting the B.Sc. degree, fresh mechanical engineers look forward to build their career. Some opt for entry level jobs than higher studies. It actually depends on your priorities. It is advisable that if you plan for higher studies then don’t take a break. There are different conditions upon which your decisions will depend. From my perspective, if you do not want a break between the studies then go for a higher degree. But –

  • If your family is not that solvent and you need to support then opt for a job for sometimes and when the conditions are in favor go for higher studies.
  • If you are too much exhausted by the 4 years undegrad Mechanical engineering course then take a break find some entry level jobs. Take a break for 1-2 years then start your higher studies.
  • If you are a mechanical engineer and want to have some practical knowledge about industries, management and production then go for a factory job.
  • If you get the opportunity to work on a farm which will provide research facilities then why not go for it ! This experience will help you to get admitted in a better institution for further studies.
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Okay those were some advices ! But today I will talk about the best entry level mechanical engineering jobs . So lets move on  .

entry level mechanical engineering jobs

Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs for Fresh Graduates

Biomechanical Engineering 

A good field for mechanical engineers. Lots of research facilities are available for this subject. An entry level job in biomechanical field wouldn’t be bad if you have a fascination for doing some development works in it. It is a bridge that connects the engineering and medical fields.

Specialization areas 

  • Bioinstrumentatiom
  • Biomechanics
  • Biomaterials
  • Systems physiology
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Cellular, tissue and genetic engineering.
  • Neural Engineering

Future of biomechanical Engineering 

It is rapid growing field. It will provide new and exciting opportunities in building a career in genetic engineering and biotechnology. If you love design, like to solve analytical problems and most importantly love science then go for it. It is  a great entry level mechanical engineering jobs. 

According to Bureau of Labor Statistic’s list of fastest growing occupations in 2011 – Biomedical Engineering was listed no. 1 . Here is the report which was explained in New York Times. It indicated that there will be a 72% growth in Biomechanical Engineering jobs by 2015. With the aging and growing health issues people will need more sophisticated medical equipment deigned by the BME. The requirement for better and cost effective medial devices will boost the demand for bio-mechanical engineers.

Where to find Biomechanical Engineering Jobs?  

Biomedical engineers work in  universities, industry, hospitals, different research facilities, and government agencies.


Automobile Engineering incorporates the elements of mechanical , electrical and safety engineering. The design of the vehicle according to automotive mechanics is done by mechanical engineers. Automobile is a very lucrative entry level mechanical engineering job. Many students of mechanical engineering have this dream of designing, modifying and manufacturing automobiles. And if the opportunity comes then why not grab it ? If a fresh graduate gets his dream job along with handsome payment then it will be great for his future.

Best automobile companies of the world 

It’s not always possible to get into a great automobile company for fresh graduates. But after gaining some working experience you can try for these companies.

  1. Ferrari 2. Lamborghini  3. BMW  4. Mercedes  5.  Audi  6.  Bugatti  7.  Ford  8.  Porsche 9.  Rolls-Roys  10. Volkswagen 11. Toyota 12. Chevrolet 13. Mitsubishi 14. Mitsubishi 15. Alfa Romeo 16. Hyundai 17. Nissan Motors 18. Subaru 19. Volvo 20 . Kia 21. Honda Motors 22. jaguar 23. Skoda 24 .Lexus 25. General Motors 26. SAIC motors

Please Read :

Research on energy forms

The conventional energy sources are at the verge of extinction. There is great hue and cry for the implementation of non-conventional energy sources. With rapidly growing population and industries the demand for energy sources are at peak. So to research with the different energy forms will not be bad choice for career. It has great prospect in each and every country of the world.

What researches can you do in the renewable energy sector

  • Harnessing of solar energy in a more efficient way.
  • Reduction of cost of solar panels.
  • Designing Turbines for more efficiently to capture wind energy in wind mills.
  • Harnessing Wave energy .
  • Researching with Geothermal energy.
  • Building perfect hydraulic power plants to use the potential energy of the water.
  • Designing Bio-mass plants . Producing cheap energy sources.
  • Differentiate between Tidal and Wave energy. Finding out the efficient one.
  • Finding out the pros and cons of Renewables or non-conventional energy sources.



The structure and all the dynamic parts of the space shuttle are built by the mechanical engineers. The automation, robotics, perfect instrumentations and measurements are are done by MEcha people. A fresh graduate has the scope of working with the metallurgy of the space ships. It will be a dream come true if you work with a great organization like NASA.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering involves the knowledge of aerodynamics and structure. It is also a great entry level mechanical engineering job for building future and doing some research.

Top Aerospace Companies for Mechanical Engineering jobs 


Automation Technologies

Automation by pneumatic or hydraulic means is a very interesting job. This era is all about automation and reducing human errors. Automation Technologies has a great prospect all over the world.

Top automation companies offering job openings

Others Entry Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Management – Management is needed everywhere. After completing B.Sc in ME you can immediately can get involved in the management jobs. Companies like Unilever, BAT and many more are searching for enthusiastic and energetic personnels as management trainees. Mechanical Engineering teaches us the art of management . So its not bad at all. You can do managerial jobs combining technical expertise.  An MBA would also add some values in your managerial skills.

You can also take part in these fields which are very good and the future is bright.

  • Production and Manufacturing –
  • Design Engineering
  • Project Capture Engineering
  • Sales Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering

These are very few examples of  entry level jobs for mechanical engineers. There are thousands of jobs but you have to find the one that suits you and meets your requirement.  Mechanical Engineering is interesting, dynamic and sometimes a bit tough 😉 . If you have set your goals right then you can get a good job. A constructive discussion in the comment section will be highly appreciated.

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